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  • Simplify, track and control your business operations anytime, anywhere
  • Design your process with simple drag & drop
  • Run your application and enjoy the improved agility of your business process
  • Integrate your existing applications or any other system, cloud or legacy into one easy manageable business process
  • Start off by exploring our ready-to-use templates for commonly used scenarios and customise them into your application

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Loyalty Toolkit

Digitaz partnered with ChipRewards Inc., behavioral science-based technology company, to create enterprise-wide system designed to increase engagement in a broad range of health-related behaviors.

Through this collaboration we have developed loyalty and marketing platform which captures consumer behaviour and improves all aspects of the loyalty experience:

  • Customised campaigns
  • Comprehensive promotions
  • Automated reward redemption
  • Automated accounting and settlement
  • Multi-channel learning
  • Member communication
  • Flexible customer registration
  • Robust reporting


Are you looking for a long-term, reliable partner to realize new and innovative ideas? Differentiate your business in a competitive market and provide your customers additional value. We deliver cost-effective and reliable custom software solutions that match your unique requirements.

Regardless of the solution type and size we pay equal attention to providing rich functionality, high security and availability, smooth and agile user-friendly interface, web 2.0 features and attractive design.


Software Development

We are able to supply innovative, trustworthy bespoke software and database solutions, complementing your most complicated business needs.
Applying latest technologies and our expertise, we deliver optimised solutions in the most efficient way.



At Digitaz, integration is at the heart of what we do to enhance your system architecture, provide richness of the latest web technology, fuel old legacy systems with new technologies and reduce maintenance and support costs. We deliver seamless integration whether it’s connecting businesses to partners, on-premise applications to cloud end points, or cloud-to-cloud integration.



Professional maintenance and support is the right way to reduce software system TCO and ensure useful improvements and optimizations. We are on top of the latest technology trends and inovations to make strategic decisions and updates that will keep you ahead of your competition and in front of your customers.


We help you streamline business

About us

Digitaz was founded in 2012 as a team of enthusiastic and experienced software developers.

We combine talent and passion to create awesome products! Our goal is to excel in every service we provide and to deliver software solutions in the smartest and fastest possible way.

Well-defined periods of time with fixed goals and deliverables is our approach. Continual cycle of efficiency, testing and adjusting, based on real results, gives us the following advantages:

  • We deliver on time and budget
  • Acceptance procedures confirm all the requirements have been met
  • Expected functionality can be put to use right away

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