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Quality and information security policy

Digitaz Information Technology based in Novi Sad (hereinafter: Digitaz) develops software solutions, offers consulting services, development and maintenance of software solutions tailored to client needs. Digitaz designs, develops and sells user oriented business software solutions.

Integrated quality management system is based on the principles of focus and commitment to customers, security, confidentiality, integrity and availability of the entirety of the Digitaz and client informational assets, process oriented, sistematic management approach and continuous improvement.

This policy applies to all business processes related to the documents, information, or their processing, where information technology is used in the following areas:

  • Software development
  • Consulting services
  • Development and maintenance of software solutions tailored to client needs

To accomplish all of the aforementioned, Digitaz:

  • Builds proper relations with clients, accept their requests and complaints, in order to meet their expectations and improve services
  • Selects reliable external providers, with whom Digitaz develops parnerships and mutual trust, taking into account the requirements for document and information safety, as well as the interests of the clients so that Digitaz can safeguard confidentiality, continuity and quality of work
  • Sets quality and information security goals, and the degree of their achievement and evaluate with procedures at certain time periods
  • Abides by legal and contractual requirements to the scope of the business
  • Regularly assesses and manages risks related to assets, information and services, which arise during the work process. Digitaz tries to bring rated risks to an acceptable level and thereby constantly improves the information security management system
  • Improves the efficiency of business processes using standardized work procedures based on the contemporary management concepts
  • Trains employees and external providers about requirements related to information safety and quality of provided services

In order to ensure the security of information, incident management, quality management and acting in accordance with the standard requirements the managing director, employees and external providers are aware of their obligations and responsibilities defined in their job description or contract, and they must provide all necessary conditions for the full application of this policy.

Managing director
Novi Sad, Serbia, January 01, 2022